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Oslandia demo website about data analysis, data science and machine learning mostly for Geographic Information System (GIS) applications. Do not hesitate to visit our blog for more detail about our daily work!

Demo applications


Analyze open bikes sharing station data from some French cities

Source code on Github

Automatic image analysis through semantic segmentation

Source code on Github

Use cases

Data parsing
  • OpenStreetMap API querying (Overpass, pyosmium, ...)
  • Public Open Data portals querying
  • Coupling with INSEE and/or weather data
Data cleaning
  • Feature engineering
  • High-resolution image tiling
  • Timeseries sampling
Algorithm conception
  • Shared vehicle availability prediction
  • OSM user classification
  • Image semantic segmentation through Neural Networks
Data visualization
  • Flask web application design
  • Dedicated QGIS plugin conception
  • R&D result valorization